Baby, It’s Hot Outside!

When it’s hot and steamy in South Florida, everyone reminds you to “stay hydrated.” Water is so important when the heat is rising, but it does get a little boring and it is tempting to reach for sugary sodas and fruit juices. Well it’s time to kick up your water!

Why should a trip to the local spa be the only time you get to have fancy water? You can prepare your own with ease for a refreshing new taste. Add some of these fresh ingredients to a pitcher of water in your fridge and let the flavors infuse for 4-5 hours, or add to sparkling water and a tall glass of ice:

Strawberries and Basil

Cucumber, Lime and Cilantro

Blueberries and Oranges

Fresh Watermelon and Basil

Pineapple, Ginger and Coconut Water

Apples, Peaches and Lemons

Raspberry and Rosemary

Green Tea and Citrus


Mix and match any of your favorite flavors or simply juice your favorite fruit for a fresh new drink. Try pureeing fresh seedless watermelon and keep it in the fridge to enjoy on a hot summer day.


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Jack makes wonderful fresh lemonade that is perfect on a hot summer day. It does have sugar but it is worth it for this treat.

Here’s how he does it…

Take 2 cups of sugar and heat in a saucepan with 2 cups of water to make a simple syrup.

Peel the rinds (but be sure you don’t get any of the bitter white pith) of 5 or 6 lemons and add to the simple syrup. Bring pan to a low heat to let the essential oils from the lemon peels infuse the syrup. Cook for about 4-5 minutes, remove from stove and add a handful of fresh mint (how much depends on how much you like mint) and then let the mixture cool. Add the juice from the lemons and store this in the fridge. To serve, add ice to a tall glass and mix a portion of the lemon syrup with water or sparkling water, adjusting the ratio to suit your taste.